Psychologist Northern Beaches

Ever tried therapy before and it did not work? Ever been to see a therapist and you did not like the therapist?

This is all to common and our experience tells us it does not have to happen. On the Northern Beaches Sydney there are a great range of therapists and finding the right fit for you can be easy. A great question to ask yourself before entering therapy is what would my perfect therapist be like. Would they be warm, would they be happy, would they be caring and strong? Pending on your presonality and mental health condition the traits in a psychologist may greatly vary.  PNB Dee Why

Great Psychologist

Always turns up on time.

Always listens.

Turns their phone off.

Gives supportive material such as books or articles to read.

Actually remembers what was said last week.

Gives you that feeling they like you.

Not such a good therapist

Doesn’t remember your name.

Phone rings during session.

Smells like alcohol.

Turns up late frequently.

Acts like they don’t care.

Great therapists always

A great therapist will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and give you the opportunity to tell your story no matter how boring trivial or tragic. It is the job of the therapist to challenge you at times and not let the challenging parts destroy the relationship. There are simply so many absolutly amazaing therapists on the northern beaches to accept anyone subserviant is just not an option. It can happen that simply the therapist you saw is an amazing therapist there was just a personality mismatch. This is very common. To give up ojn therapy because of one bad experience is selling yourself short. A psychologist should be able to recommend a colleague or suggest another local practitioner should you two not get along.

The begining of therapy

The beginning of therapy is always hard and never should someone just give up early because it is hard. Like all things the start is always the hardest. Learning new patterns of behaviour and facing the past can be a very rewarding but difficult process.

Psychologists Northern Beaches

If you are unable to find a great psychologist on the Northern Beaches please feel free to contact us. We will provide someone who is amazing and will love what your about and appreciate the bravery your end in reaching out for help.