A psychologist is someone who helps you through rough times. Their job is to listen and help, their job is not to judge or tell you what you should be doing. In psychotherapy it is often public misconseption that a psychologist should be telling you what to do. This is not the case a psychologist really should not be giving you advice, but rather helping a guiding you to your own realisation.

A Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologists PNB often has the misconception of being some what superior than a regular trained registered psychologist. This could not really be further from the truth. Most clinical psychologists have excess training in assesment and a deficate of training in talk therapy (which is one on one talking with a psychologist).


A counsellor will often have far greater skills in one on one talk therapy than a clinical psychologist. The reason for this is that a counsellor has done most of theor training in talk therapy and not much in assesment.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & anxiety PNB are the two most common forms of mental illness in Australia. It is estimated roughly 12% of AUstralia will suffer during the year of some for of the mental illness.


Assesment is generally where they ask you a bunch of questions then in a short manner of time labell you as depressed, psychotic, anxious or whatever the case may be. This is considered by most the riskiest type of psychology. As there is much room for error as the psychologist or treating practitioner has just met you. The main reasons for error are: you may just be having a really bad day, you may spark a nerve in the interviewer reminding them of some traumatic event or childhood memory they cary, the assesor may be having a really bad day. The type of testing they are performing may not be appropriate for your personality type.

If you are suffering and you feel a clinical psychologist has wrongly diagnosed please contact us you are not alone, this is a common event.

In psychotherapy the clinical psychologists training and position is hotly debated.